Genocide Terror was formed in the fall of 2008. With the help of, Timo Pimenov (guitars) found Ville Holmström, our mighty drummer, and after a while they were joined by a basist and second guitarist. Finally when Jonas Ojala was found and the lineup was complete, Genocide Terror (going by the name of Benedicamus Cadaver) headed for the studios to make their first demo. Just days before the studio the basist left, leaving the band in a shitty situation. Gladly GT was saved by an insane basist Olvi Nurisalo, and the name was changed to KÖRPSE. Even though Olvi was only supposed to play in the studio, the potential he saw seduced him to stay with the band. 

In the February of 2009 the first guitarist left and was replaced with Robert Miettunen. Now that everything felt settled they were struck by the name GENOCIDE TERROR and were ready to conquer the world. Then it was time for a new studiotrip from where they came out with a new album "Genocide Terror". Everything seemed fine until Robert decided mindlessly that he'd rather spend his time with another band. At least with the accomplishments so far it was easier to move on and not long after Robert's departure, Sanna was found from the mentioned Suddenly, due to personal problems singer Jonas Ojala left us appalled and (once again) to our misfortune right before the studio. Thankfully we were saved by Aleksi Kosonen who sang the strong vocals on our new demo CRYOSTASIS!
After the studio Aleksi continued in his own band, so we started looking for a singer.. Thankfully Linda Koskinen found our band (again on and amazed us with her vocals. Soon with constant disagreements, Pimenov felt that he could not handle the power of GT. At least with one guitar we could continue terrorising the basement, but it wasn't enough so the search for another guitarist is on. 
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